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UCI Mechanical doping Stefano Varjas, Harry Gibbings and Mark Barfield

Mechanical Doping: Did the UCI get in the way of a Police Investigation?

In April Stade 2 aired a program detailing the alleged use of mechanical doping and motor use within the professional peloton and amateur races over the past years, and claimed that hidden motors may...
UCI mechanical doping ipad checks

UCI Bike Checks for Mechanical Doping (Technological Fraud)

In response to questions over the effectiveness of it's magnetic resistance testing of bikes for mechanical doping the UCI invited media to its headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland, to demonstrate the magnetic resistance detection method...
Mechanical doping stade 2

Analysis: Mechanical Doping Investigation by Stade 2 TV

French television program Stade 2 ran an investigative piece by Thierry Vildary and Marco Bonarrigo last night (Sunday) detailing alleged mechanical doping within professional cycling races, among the claims was that they detected riders...