The fizik Antares R5 Kium is a high-performance lightweight road saddle from Italian saddle, clothing and component manufacturer, fizik.

Featuring a carbon-reinforced composite shell, a suede type microfibre cover and fizik’s proprietary rail formulation that’s 8% lighter than titanium, the fizik Antares R5 Kium is a high-performance racing and road saddle, read on for our review.

The fizik Antares arrived well packaged in a sturdy box with the saddle also wrapped in plastic to minimize any damage during shipping.

Fizik Antares box contents
Fizik Antares box contents

The fizik Antares has a flat profile when viewed side-on and is 274mm long and 142mm wide.

fizik Antares saddle for 'Chameleon' riders
fizik Antares saddle for ‘Chameleon’ riders

The fizik Antares R5 Kium on the left weighs in at a very light 203 grams, compared with the 211 grams of the non-Kium version on the right.

And, like all or most fizik saddles the Antares features the ICS Integrated Clip System to clip lights, saddlebags, etc.

fizik Integrated Clip System (ICS)
fizik Integrated Clip System (ICS)

fizik Spine Concept

The fizik Antares is a ‘Chameleon’ saddle in fizik’s Spine Concept range, that is for riders of medium flexibility as pictured below. For comparison, the fizik Arione suits the most flexible of riders and is in the ‘Snake’ range, the fizik Aliante is for the least flexible riders or ‘Bull”.

fizik spine concept

While I’m sure fizik has plenty of research on these flexibility types I would probably use it as one guideline only, not an absolute determinant of what will work for you. For instance, I am more flexible than even the snake pictured above but the Arione definitely doesn’t suit me.

Fizik Antares R5 Kium Specifications

Shell: Carbon reinforced nylon WingFlex
Rail: K:ium
Cover: Black and Grey
Thigh Glides: Black Microtex
Weight: 203 grams
Dimensions: 274×142 mm
Integrated Clip System compatible

Review Summary

The fizik Antares R5 Kium is a very well designed and engineered road saddle that despite its very low weight of 203 grams, is very stiff and durable. The Kium rails offer additional stiffness over the non-Kium railed saddles from the fizik range and that’s worth the extra cost.

The cover on the reviewed saddle is a suede-like microtex fabric and it gave a bit more feel and grip than the standard smooth shiny cover of the standard model pictured in the weight section. The ICS clip system is great if you want to use lights or saddlebags that utilize that system.

The price will vary depending on where you buy, but like for like the Antares R5 or R3 are very good value when you compare to carbon-railed saddles that may save you only 30 grams but cost significantly more.

The fizik Antares is the most comfortable saddle I have used but saddle choice is a very personal thing for a rider, what fits and works well for me may not work well for you. If you are trying saddles out to find what works for you I would certainly recommend giving the Antares a test ride.

You can read more about the fizik saddle range and features at


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