Today Garmin has released its latest GPS cycling computer, the Garmin Edge 820. The new Edge 820 brings all the navigation, training, touchscreen and WiFi features of the top of the range Edge 1000, but packs it into the same sized body as the Garmin Edge 520 computer that was released last year.

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As well as all, or most of the features of the Edge 1000 there’s a new Group Track feature and battery saving mode, more on those and the other features below.

Garmin Edge 820 – What’s New?

The Garmin Edge 820 is the same external size as an Edge 520 and will fit the same mounts
The Garmin Edge 820 is the same external size as an Edge 520 and will fit the same mounts

The first thing you will notice if your’re an Edge 800/810 user is the new size, it’s now the same size as the Edge 520 instead of being halfway between the Edge 1000 and Edge 520. There’s no longer a micro-SD card slot but internal storage has been expanded to 16GB. And the Edge 820 has a touchscreen though whereas the same sized Edge 520 does not.

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GroupTrack is the latest new feature from Garmin that’s included with the Edge 820 and will also be rolled out to the Edge 1000 and Edge 520 later in the year. The group tracking feature is an extension of the LiveTrack feature that allowed friends or family to follow you on a computer, GroupTrack allows the rider to view on the Garmin Edge 820 device maps where connected friends and groups are making it easier to meet up with friends while on a ride, or find your group again if you get lost.

To use GroupTrack you will need your phone paired to the Edge 820 and be connected to friends or groups via Garmin Connect.

Garmin Edge 820 GroupTrack screen
Garmin Edge 820 GroupTrack screen

The touchscreen menu interface is new and simplified with three clear choices of Profile (Race, Train, Indoor), Navigation and Training in the main screen with setting and IQ in the bottom left and right of the screen. You can also swipe down to see sensor and GPS status.

Edge 820 menu and map screen
Edge 820 menu and map screen

The Edge 820 also gets the incident detection features of the Edge 1000 meaning if your device detects an accident it can send emergency messages to pre-programmed emergency contacts, like GroupTrack you will need the device to be paired to a smartphone.

Edge 820 Incident / Emergency contact
Edge 820 Incident / Emergency contact

Similar to the Edge 1000 the new Edge 820 has detailed mapping, turn by turn navigation and routing, and also includes WiFi, smart notifications, GLONASS, barometric altimeter, advanced performance monitoring like VO2 max, recovery advisor, Strava live segments, FTP, performance condition and advanced cycling dynamics. You can also add custom applications via Connect IQ.

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Like other Garmin devices you can pair ANT+ sensors including power, cadence, speed, heart rate, electronic shifting systems and you can also control ANT+ smart trainers and the Edge 820 is also compatible with Varia products.

New on the Edge 820 is a feature called Battery Save Mode that will turn off the screen to prolong battery life but still notify you of important messages. When battery saving mode is enabled battery life can be extended by up to 50%.

The new Garmin Edge 820 device only is priced at USD399, or in the UK £329.99 with Australian pricing to be confirmed. Weight of the Edge 820 is 68 grams.

We’ll have a review of the Garmin Edge 820 up next month.

Garmin Edge Explore 820

There were actually two models released today, the Edge 820 is the one we’ve concentrated on as it’s the better unit. The other is the Garmin Edge Explore 820 and it looks almost identical to the Edge 820 in looks but it’s missing a few features.

It’s easier to list the differences rather than all the specs so this is what the Edge Explore 820 is missing or different compared to the Edge 820.

There’s a white band around the edge of the Explore model whereas the other is dark grey/black, see the photos above, and the Garmin Edge Explore 820 is missing all of these functions, no ANT+ power meter support, multi bike profiles, virtual partner, advanced workouts, interval training. You can view the differences in the Garmin comparison tool here.

The Explore 820 is USD50 cheaper but I think having the extra functions is worth the extra money.

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  1. Does your Edge 820 have a hypersensitive touchscreen, that you don’t have to physically touch the screen to activate it? This is super annoying when trying to access the Connections Screen because half the time i am accidentally closing the Connections Screen and selecting the wrong item because my finger is hovering above it.


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