Pat Lane (Avanti Isowhey Sport) has won the 2016 Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic in a two up sprint against Nathan Elliot (Kenyan Riders Downunder) setting a new race record time, with Patrick Shaw (Avanti Isowhey Sport) beating Ayden Toovey (Subaru NSWIS & MS) for third place 26 seconds back. The four riders were all part of an early break that stayed away for most of the race.

Avanti Isowhey Sport won the teams category placing six riders in the top 10 in a dominant team performance, Joesph Cooper was fifth and defending champion Sean Lake was eighth. AMR Renault Racing finished second in the teams category with State of Matter / MAAP third.

How the race was won

The race got underway at 7:30am from Grafton with the promise of clear blue sky riders, after a nervous opening and a crash at the back of the peloton it was a group of 10 or 11 riders that made a strong break in the first hour of racing.

The break included Pat Lane and Pat Shaw, Ayden Toovey, Mike Cumming (State of Matter / MAAP), Nick Miller and Nathan Elliot from Kenyan Riders Downunder, Samuel Burston (mobius Future Racing) and Brodie Talbot (St George Merida Cycling Team). The break built a lead over the peloton of 4 minutes and 40 seconds after an hour and 20 minutes of racing.

At 60km into the race the break had 8 minutes on the peloton and 3 minutes 30 seconds on a small chase group that included Joseph Cooper and defending Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic champion Sean Lake.

Pat Shaw took the KOM points at the top of the Gibraltar Range ahead of Jason Lea (Physiohealth Focus) with Pat Lane third and by the time the break reached Glen Innes they had dropped two riders and were down to eight but still had over 4 minutes on a large chasing group that included Cooper, Lake, Dylan Sunderland, Josh Aldridge and Tim Cameron.

With 50km to go the break split again with Pat Lane and Nathan Elliot attacking the break and building a lead of 50 seconds with 30km to go. Meanwhile back in the bunch State of Matter MAAP were putting all of their riders on the front to chase down the breaks.

State of Matter / MAAP chasing the break at the 2016 Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic
State of Matter / MAAP chasing the break | Photo @Subaru_NRS

With less than 20km to go Pat Lane and Nathan Elliot’s lead had reduced to the two riders behind Pat Shaw and Ayden Toovey, with 10km to go the gap was down to 20 seconds but the two riders hung on with Pat Lane trying an attack in the final kilometres but was covered by Nathan Elliot.

Pat Lane and Nathan Elliot arrived into the finish straight alone and opened the sprint inside 500 metres to go, Pat Lane was too strong and had time to sit up and celebrate his 2016 Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic win.

pat lane winner of the 2016 grafton to inverell cycle classic
Pat Lane wins the sprint for the 2016 Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic ahead of Nathan Elliot

Results of the 2016 Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic

ResultRider (Team)Time
1Patrick LANE (Avanti Isowhey Sport)5h57:55
2Nathan ELLIOTT (Kenyan Riders Downunder)
3Patrick SHAW (Avanti Isowhey Sport)+:26
4Ayden TOOVEY (Subaru NSWIS & MS)
5Joseph COOPER (Avanti Isowhey Sport)+2:07
6Neil VAN DER PLOEG (Avanti Isowhey Sport)+2:16
7Samuel BURSTON (mobius Future Racing)+2:44
8Sean LAKE (Avanti Isowhey Sport)+3:11
9Jason LEA (Physiohealth Focus)+3:29
10Robbie HUCKER (Avanti Isowhey Sport)+3:43
11Jason CHRISTIE (Kenyan Riders Downunder)+3:43
12Zane HUNTER (Physiohealth Focus)+3:43
13Dylan SUNDERLAND (State of Matter / MAAP)+3:43
14Ryan CAVANAGH (State of Matter / MAAP)+3:43
15Logan GRIFFIN (Oliver’s Real Food Racing)+3:43
16Aaron WATTS (AMR Renault Racing)+3:43
17Sean TRAINOR+3:43
18Sam CROME (Avanti Isowhey Sport)+3:43
19Rowan DEVER (Oliver’s Real Food Racing)+3:43
20Aden REYNOLDS (mobius Future Racing)+3:43
21Timothy CAMERON (AMR Renault Racing)+3:43
22Joshua ALDRIDGE (AMR Renault Racing)+3:43
23Rhys GILLETT+4:54
24Jacob KAUFFMANN (Subaru NSWIS & MS)+4:54
25Mitchell MULHERN (Satalyst Verve Racing)+4:54
26Mike CUMING (State of Matter / MAAP)+6:02
27Darcy PIROTTA (JML Racing)+10:11
28Christopher MILLER (SUV)+10:11
29Sam PHIPPS (GPM Stulz)+10:11
30Nicholas WOODS (St George Merida Cycling Team)+10:11
31Nicholas LEONARD+10:11
32Alex WEST (mobius Future Racing)+10:11
33Thomas COATES+10:11
34Ayub KINOTI (Kenyan Riders Downunder)+10:11
35Rob WEBB+10:11
36Alexander SMYTH (State of Matter / MAAP)+10:11
37Jay DUTTON (St George Merida Cycling Team)+10:11
38Nicholas KATSONIS (State of Matter / MAAP)+10:11
39Mitch NEUMANN (Cobra9/Interbuild Racing)+10:11
40Nick MILLER (Kenyan Riders Downunder)+10:11
41Jake KLAJNBLAT (JML Racing)+10:11
42Brodie TALBOT (St George Merida Cycling Team)+10:11
43Rylee FIELD (GPM Stulz)+10:11
44Andrew WAGNER (SUV)+10:17
45Scott LAW (Subaru NSWIS & MS)+20:41
46Jesse KERRISON (State of Matter / MAAP)+20:41
47Stuart SHAW (Subaru NSWIS & MS)+20:41
48Matthew WARNER-SMITH (Oliver’s Real Food Racing)+20:41
49Harrison BAILEY (GPM Stulz)+20:41
50Daniel SCHEINER (mobius Future Racing)+20:41
51Mark JAMESION+20:41
52Elliot KIPPEN (Cobra9/Interbuild Racing)+20:41
53Conor MULLERVY (GPM Stulz)+20:41
54Matthew SLEE (AMR Renault Racing)+20:41
55Ben CARMAN (mobius Future Racing)+20:41
56Adam WHITE (Cobra9/Interbuild Racing)+20:41
57Sam MOBBERLEY+20:41
58Harrison WILES (St George Merida Cycling Team)+20:41
59Todd BUSCHKUEHL (Physiohealth Focus)+20:41
60Jordan DAVIES (St George Merida Cycling Team)+20:41
61Tristan WARD (AMR Renault Racing)+20:41
62Michael OWEN+20:41
63Daniel BONELLO (St George Merida Cycling Team)+20:41
64Edward WHITE (GPM Stulz)+20:41
65Manolo ZANELLA+20:41
66Jackson MAWBY (JML Racing)+20:41
67Morgan SMITH (Kenyan Riders Downunder)+20:47
68Callum O’SULLIVAN (Cobra9/Interbuild Racing)+20:47
69Henry PENNELL (Satalyst Verve Racing)+20:47
70Alex WOHLER (State of Matter / MAAP)+20:49
71Logan CALDER (Satalyst Verve Racing)+46:31
72Dugald MACARTHUR (Cobra9/Interbuild Racing)+46:31
73Nathan WHITE (Cobra9/Interbuild Racing)+46:31
74Bradley SODEN (Kenyan Riders Downunder)+46:31
75Kris JOHNSTON (AMR Renault Racing)+46:31
76Samwel EKIRU (Kenyan Riders Downunder)+46:31
77Bill BOULTON (GPM Stulz)+46:31
78Aaron BICKNELL (mobius Future Racing)+46:31
79Timothy SELLAR (Satalyst Verve Racing)+46:31
dnfPatrick SHARPE (St George Merida Cycling Team)
dnfMatthew CLARK (Satalyst Verve Racing)
dnfJoel STRACHAN (Satalyst Verve Racing)
dnfJackson LAW (Subaru NSWIS & MS)
dnfNathan BRADSHAW (Subaru NSWIS & MS)
dnfLiam MAGENNIS (Subaru NSWIS & MS)
dnfGlenn MATHISKE (JML Racing)

Team Results of the 2016 Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic

1Avanti Isowhey Sport(5, 3, 2)17h56:18
2AMR Renault Racing(65, 62, 64)+8:36
3State of Matter / MAAP(11, 17, 14)+10:55
4Kenyan Riders Downunder(32, 33, 35)+11:21
5mobius Future Racing(51, 53, 52)+14:05
6Subaru NSWIS & MS(94, 96, 91)+23:28
7Physiohealth Focus(71, 74, 76)+25:20
8Oliver’s Real Food Racing(103, 101, 107)+25:34
9St George Merida Cycling Team(23, 24, 21)+28:00
10GPM Stulz(87, 83, 81)+38:30
11JML Racing(132, 137, 131)+38:30
12Cobra9/Interbuild Racing(122, 127, 124)+49:00
13Satalyst Verve Racing(42, 43, 45)+1h09:39

The next round of the men’s 2016 Subaru National Road Series is the Tour of the Great South Coast on the 10 to 14 August and Pat Lane will wear the series leader jersey.

Race report by TBL – The Bike Lane


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