Sean Lake 2015 Grafton to Inverell winner

Sean Lake (African Wildlife Safaris) has become the first rider to win back to back Grafton to Inverell Cycle Classic races in a stunning solo breakaway to finish over four minutes ahead of team mate Cyrus Monk. As well as being the first rider to win twice in a row at the Grafton to Inverell Lake also won this years race in the third fastest time ever.

Avanti Racing Team rider Tom Davison finished third and helped secure the National Road Series Teams classification prize for Avanti Racing Team along with Mark O’Brien and Joe Cooper, earlier this season Avanti Racing Team rider Patrick Bevin won the 2015 Subaru National Road Series Champion title.

Full report to follow.

Individual Results 2015 Grafton to Inverell

PlaceRider (Team)Result
1Sean LAKE (AWS)6h01:13
2Cyrus MONK (AWS)+4:05
3Tom DAVISON (ART)+4:05
4Patrick LANE (AWS)+4:05
5Lucas HAMILTON+4:05
6Mark O’BRIEN (ART)+4:05
7Samuel HILL (GPM)+4:51
8Dylan SUNDERLAND (AMR)+5:10
9Kristian JUEL (BFL)+9:48
10Michael TORCKLER (BFL)+11:46
11Samuel BURSTON (MBS)+12:35
12Alexander SMYTH (AWS)+12:36
13Malcolm RUDOLPH+12:36
14Mitchell MULHERN (BFL)+12:36
15Alex GRUNKE (DSR)+12:37
16Saxon IRVINE+12:37
17Nathan ELLIOTT+12:37
18Mathew ROSS+12:37
19Darcy WOOLLEY (AWS)+12:37
20Joseph COOPER (ART)+12:37
21Ryan THOMAS (DSR)+12:38
22Rowan DEVER (CON)+12:38
23Timothy CAMERON (AMR)+12:38
24Mark CRAWFORD (GPM)+12:38
25Rylee FIELD (GPM)+12:39
26Brodie TALBOT (BFL)+12:39
27Karl EVANS+12:41
28Dylan NEWBERY (DSR)+12:43
29Jeremy CAMERON (AWS)+23:56
30Matthew RIZZUTO (AMR)+23:56
31Aden REYNOLDS (MBS)+23:56
32Rob WEBB (MBS)+23:56
33Aaron WATTS (AMR)+33:53
34Jordan PAYNE+33:53
35Adam ALLEN (DSR)+33:53
36Ayden TOOVEY+33:53
37Harrison BAILEY (GPM)+33:53
38Kurtis BRENT (CON)+33:53
39Cameron JUDSON (SUV)+33:53
40Danny PULBROOK+33:53
41Dugald MACARTHUR (CON)+33:53
42Adam WHITE (CON)+33:53
43David MELVILLE (DSR)+33:53
44Daniel PAINE+33:53
45Jesse COYLE (SUV)+33:53
46Aaron DUNFORD+59:09
47Nicholas LEONARD+59:09
48Rupert LEIGH (CON)+59:12
49Marcus CULEY (MBS)+1h04:19
50Lucas LAXALE (MBS)+1h04:19
51John FREIBERG (AMR)+57:20
52Andrew FINLAYSON+1h04:19
53Wesley HURRELL+1h04:19
54Taylor GUNMAN (ART)+1h04:19
55Benjamin HARVEY (SGM)+1h09:00
56Harrison WILES (SGM)
dnfMichael SCHWEIZER (AWS)
dnfBenjamin HILL (CMR)
dnfSam CROME (CMR)
dnfDavid EDWARDS (CMR)
dnfJoshua TAYLOR (CMR)
dnfNicholas KATSONIS (CMR)
dnfAnthony GIACOPPO (ART)
dnfFraser GOUGH (ART)
dnfMatthew SLEE (AMR)
dnfTerence BONNER (DSR)
dnfJoel WALSH (GPM)
dnfEdward WHITE (GPM)
dnfJesse EWART (GPM)
dnfPatrick SHARPE (SGM)
dnfTamas ALLENBY (SGM)
dnfDaniel BONELLO (SGM)
dnfRhys O’SHEA (SUV)
dnfMark KEEFE (SUV)
dnfNicholas WOODS
dnfAndrew FELL
dnfThomas COATES

Team Results 2015 Grafton to Inverell

1African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team(1, 4, 3)18h11:49
2Avanti Racing Team(22, 24, 21)+12:37
3GPM Stulz(76, 72, 73)+21:58
4Team Budget Forklifts(33, 32, 34)+26:00
5Data #3 Symantec Racing Team p/b Scody(66, 62, 63)+29:48
6AMR Renault Racing Team(51, 53, 54)+33:34
7Mobius Future Racing(41, 42, 44)+52:17
8Cobra9 Racing(91, 94, 92)+1h12:14

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