Scott Sunderland (Team Budget Forklifts) won the 100th running of the Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic winning the sprint from Alex Edmondson (SASI/Callidus Cycling Team) and last years winner Oliver Kent-Spark ( Cycling Team).

The team rode superb with Jack Bobridge and Jake Kauffman in the breakaway, setting it up beautifully for the finish.

Team Budget Forklifts have dominated the Melbourne to Warrnambool race in recent years with the team taking a clean sweep of the podium places in the 2013 race when Sam Horgan won from Jack Anderson and Jake Kauffman, in 2014 Sam Horgan was third and this year Sunderland capped off another dominant team performance with team riders Jack Bobridge and Jake Kauffman together in a break 30km from the finish allowing Sunderland to sit back and let the other teams chase.

It wasn’t too long after the 279.1km race got underway from Werribee that the attacks started with first Ed White and Tyson Chambers establishing a break before being joined by three riders stretching the gap out to 8 minutes 100km into the race, Kauffman chased solo for 50km to join the lead bunch and the gap blew out to 16 minutes before the peloton got the chase underway eventually bringing the race back together for a bunch sprint with Bobridge and Kauffman the final riders to be caught 10km from the finish.

We had a plan from the start, and I believe we had the strongest team on paper. We had guys who could do everything across the board, and Jake going across put us in a great position. Having Scott being able to sit in for 280km was a huge advantage in the sprint, and I think everyone did their job today – Jack Bobridge.

The final round of the 2015 Subaru National Road Series is the Grafton to Inverell race on October 24. Patrick Bevin (Avanti Racing Team) has already wrapped up the overall 2015 Subaru National Road Series title and has not raced since withdrawing from the National Capital Tour with a knee injury. Michael Schweizer (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling) will finish second in the series.

The NRS Teams Classification will be decided at the Grafton to Inverell race with only one point currently separating Avanti Racing Team (184 points) and Charter Mason Giant Racing Team.

Video highlights of the 2015 Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic

The inaugural Women’s Melbourne to Warrnambool was won by Lauretta Hanson from Miranda Griffiths who finished over 10 minutes ahead of Chloe McIntosh.

Results of the 2015 Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic

PlaceRider Name (Country) TeamResult
1Scott Sunderland (Team Budget Forklifts)7:27:49
2Alexander Edmondson (SASI/Callidus Cycling Team)
3Oliver Kent-Spark ( Cycling Team)
4Neil Van Der Ploeg (Avanti Racing Team)
5Russell Gill (Wormall Civil CCS Cycling Team)
6Michael Schweizer (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
7Todd Satchell (Anchor Point South Coast)
8Benjamin Hill (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)
9Jordan Stannus (Jayco/John West/VIS)
10Jason Lea (Swiftcarbon PhysioHealth Cycling Team)
11Callum Gordon (Swiftcarbon PhysioHealth Cycling Team)
12Zane Hunter (Seight Cycling Team)
13Anthony Giacoppo (Avanti Racing Team)
14Michael Hale (Seight Cycling Team)
15Dylan Hately
16Tom Chapman (Swiss Wellness Cycling Team)
17Ian Johnston
18Rien Schuurhuis (Oliver’s Real Food Racing)
19Mathew Ross (Jayco/John West/VIS)
20Marc Loecherer
21Samuel Lane (Wormall Civil CCS Cycling Team)
22Sam Crome (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)
23Stephen Fairless
24Tom Leaper
25Tom Robinson (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)
26Mark O’Brien (Avanti Racing Team)
27Bradley Linfield (Navitas Satalyst Racing Team)
28Alistair Donohoe ( Cycling Team)
29Jordan Payne
30Garry Polack
31Aden Reynolds (Mobius Future Racing)
32Fraser Gough (Avanti Racing Team)
33Ben Marshall (Oliver’s Real Food Racing)
34Matthew Slee (AMR Renault Racing Team)
35David Randall
36Christopher Harney
37Conan Daley
38Kyle Thompson
39Drew Ginn
40Ben Carman (AMR Renault Racing Team)
41Peter Casey (Swiftcarbon PhysioHealth Cycling Team)
42Andrew Gray
43Joel Walsh (GPM Stulz)
44Nathan McLaren (Anchor Point South Coast)
45Rowan Dever (Seight Cycling Team)
46Aaron Watts (AMR Renault Racing Team)
47Sean Lake (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
48Marcus Culey (Mobius Future Racing)
49Joshua Taylor (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)
50Patrick Lane (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
51Brad Davies (Oliver’s Real Food Racing)
52Allan Satchell (Anchor Point South Coast)
53Jesse Ewart (GPM Stulz)
54Robbie Hucker (Pat’s Veg Cycling)
55Cyrus Monk (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
56Matthew Leonard (Navitas Satalyst Racing Team)
57Kyle Marwood
58Samuel Horgan (Team Budget Forklifts)
59Daniel Herrewyn (Wormall Civil CCS Cycling Team)
60Timothy Decker
61Jared McClintock
62Joseph Cooper (Avanti Racing Team)
63Morgan Smith (Swiftcarbon PhysioHealth Cycling Team)
64Daniel Cycling Teamauss (Seight Cycling Team)
65Samuel Burston (Mobius Future Racing)
66Nicholas Katsonis (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)
67Jeremy Cameron (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
68Liam White (Pat’s Veg Cycling)
69Dylan Sunderland (AMR Renault Racing Team)
70Samuel Witmitz (Team Budget Forklifts)
71Rylee Field (GPM Stulz)
72Tom Kaesler (SASI/Callidus Cycling Team)
73Nathan Elliott (Navitas Satalyst Racing Team)0:00:13
74Mark Jamieson (Navitas Satalyst Racing Team)
75Tommy Nankervis (Team Budget Forklifts)0:00:18
76Miles Scotson (SASI/Callidus Cycling Team)0:00:20
77Ayden Toovey0:00:25
78Jason Christie (Avanti Racing Team)0:00:28
79Alder Martz ( Cycling Team)0:00:41
80Mitchell Mulhern (Team Budget Forklifts)0:01:01
81Scott Thompson (Phoenix Cycling Collective)0:01:43
82Craig Hutton (GPM Stulz)
83Darcy Woolley (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)
84Mark Crawford (GPM Stulz)0:01:59
85James Pane (Pat’s Veg Cycling)
86Stuart Smith ( Cycling Team)
87Taylor Gunman (Avanti Racing Team)0:02:39
88Jacob Kauffmann (Team Budget Forklifts)0:05:44
89Jack Bobridge (Team Budget Forklifts)
90Samuel Hill (GPM Stulz)
91Tyson Chambers (African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team)0:13:02
92Mark Fagg (Team Scody Downunder)0:15:27
93Kelsey Boreham (Phoenix Cycling Collective)
94Carsten Chapman (Oliver’s Real Food Racing)
95Edward White (GPM Stulz)
96Justin Davis0:23:08
97Patrick Burt
98Paul Scouller
99Clay Durbridge
100Wayne Hildred
101Lauretta Hanson
102Tim Mcgrath
103Scott Wells
104Sam Edwards
105Thor Navntoft
106Ryan Vecht
107Haydn Kavanagh
108Stephen Hickey
109Christopher Lee (Navitas Satalyst Racing Team)
110Benjamin Griffiths
111Thomas Coates (Team Scody Downunder)
112Peter Greig
113David Sagnol
114Steven Crispin (Phoenix Cycling Collective)
115Jack Hogan (Swiss Wellness Cycling Team)
116Andrew Mccosker (Phoenix Cycling Collective)
117Kris Johnston (AMR Renault Racing Team)
118Sean Whitfield (Team Scody Downunder)
119Alistair Crameri (Pat’s Veg Cycling)
120Nathan Booth (Phoenix Cycling Collective)
121Patrick Drapac (Pat’s Veg Cycling)
122Tim Guy ( Cycling Team)
123Dylan Lindsey (Anchor Point South Coast)
124Sam Fuhrmeister (Swiftcarbon PhysioHealth Cycling Team)
125Mitchell Dedman (Swiftcarbon PhysioHealth Cycling Team)
126Lucas Laxale (Mobius Future Racing)
127Toby Orchard (AMR Renault Racing Team)
128Miranda Griffiths
129Nicholas Squillari (Seight Cycling Team)
130Jake Magee (Charter Mason Giant Racing Team)
131Christopher Savage (Seight Cycling Team)
132Jason Nevins0:30:21
133Mark Ferguson
134Timshel Knoll-Miller
135Mark Robertson0:30:22
136William Murray
137Brett Hickford
138Andrew Clark0:30:24
139Jamie Nicholson
140Julian Paynter0:30:27
141David Williams
142Chris Miller0:30:33
143Sam Walcher0:33:46
144Brendan Leihy
145Adam Chapple
146Jason Puschenjak
147Frank McCarthy
148Stephen Draper
149Michael Krause
150Craig Mitchell
151Steven Payne
152Craig Porter
153Christopher Joustra
154Timothy Nuttall
155Gary Mclennan
156Marco Rando
157Dawie Aker
158Chloe Mcintosh0:33:52
159Peter Tzimas0:33:53
160Laurence Basell0:33:55
161Stephen Baker0:33:58
162Adam Kavanagh0:34:24
163Dean Heathcote0:40:48
164Neil Herbert
165Nicole Whitburn
166Scott Smith
167Deryck Walker
168Chris Alsop
169Brooke Anderson
170Esther Borg
171Brett Van Berkel
172Richard Lorenc
173Brenton Ellis
174Justine Barrow
175Keith Leonard
176Neale Adams0:40:55
177Mark Pickles
178Rebecca Heath0:40:57
179Damian Gill0:41:00
180Jason Roberts0:41:02
181Joe Spano0:59:44
182Jason Cooper1:02:16
183Trevor Perry
184Shane Parker
185Jack Carecos
186Russell Church1:02:19
187Mark McLaren
188Prita Jobling-Baker1:10:04
189Mick Millar1:10:09
190Doris Marr
191Paul Dalton
192Peter Gwynne
193Brian Wickenton1:10:12
194Stephen Pickles
195Darren Spiteri
196Adrian Vandenbergh1:10:15
197Jay Heather
198Phil Hanna1:34:48
199Melanie Silvester
200Purdie Long

Team Results of the 2015 Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic

1Avanti Racing Team22h23:27
2Charter Mason Giant Racing Team+0
3Swiftcarbon PhysioHealth Cycling Team+0
4Seight Cycling Team+0
5Wormall Civil CCS Cycling Team+0
6Oliver’s Real Food Racing+0
7African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team+0
8Anchor Point South Coast+0
9AMR Renault Racing Team+0
10Team Budget Forklifts+0
11Mobius Future Racing+0
12GPM Stulz+0
13Navitas Satalyst Racing Team+:13
14SASI/Callidus Cycling Team+:20 Cycling Team+:41
16Pat’s Veg Cycling+1:59
17Phoenix Cycling Collective+40:18
18Team Scody Downunder+1h01:43

2015 Subaru National Road Series Standings after the Melbourne to Warrnambool

PlaceRider (Team)Points
1Patrick BEVIN (ART)82
2Michael SCHWEIZER (AWS)51
3Joseph COOPER (ART)43
4Brad EVANS (PVG)39
6Benjamin HILL (CMR)36
7Patrick SHAW (ART)36
9Sam CROME (CMR)27
10Daniel FITTER (CMR)26
11Matthew CLARK (ART)24
12Sean LAKE (AWS)23

2015 Subaru National Road Series Team Standings

1Avanti Racing Team (ART)184
2Charter Mason Giant Racing Team (CMR)183
3African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team (AWS)81
4Team Budget Forklifts (BFL)60
5Pat’s Veg Cycling (PVG)54
6Navitas Satalyst Racing Team (NSR)50 Cycling Team (STR)32
8Mobius Future Racing (MBS)29
9OTOC Vault Racing (OVR)25
10AMR Renault Racing Team (AMR)25

Main photo via Rob Gunstone and the

2015 Subaru National Road Series Report by TBL – The Bike Lane


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